Stewardship Committee



The purpose of the Stewardship Committee is to promote stewardship of the total resources of the congregation in accordance with Biblical teachings.


The duties of the Stewardship Committee include the following:

  1. Encourage good stewardship of time, talents, and financial resources of the congregation.

  2. Conduct the annual stewardship campaign.

  3. Prepare a recommended budget for the operation of the programs of the church, and present the recommended budget to Session for approval.

  4. Arrange an opportunity for new members to pledge their support of the stewardship of the church.

  5. Maintain a catalog of available time and talents of members for use in filling positions and tasks.

  6. Provide for the counting and depositing of offerings and their disbursements in accordance with the adopted budget.

  7. Provide for a full financial review of the financial records of the church and report the results to Session.

  8. Recommend to the Session each November, a person to be elected as Treasurer for the following year.

  9. Recommend to the Session annually those individuals authorized to sign checks.

  10. Manage loans or mortgages, as directed by the Session, re-negotiating the lowest possible interest rates.


Special Funds Sub-committee

The purpose of the Special Funds Sub-committee is to manage special funds, which are defined as funds given or designated for purposes other than general operating expenses, such as but not limited to memorials, bequests, endowments, special gifts, and the Emergency Reserve Fund.


The duties of the Special Funds Sub-committee include the following:

  1. Establish, and maintain, a structure of funds, including endowments, to enhance the ministries of Hunter Memorial Presbyterian Church

  2. Make recommendations to the Session concerning the disposition of undesignated special funds gifts.

  3. Invest endowment funds in instruments designed to achieve a balance between growth and income.

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