Property Committee

Co-chairs: Val Zeps & John Goodrich


The purpose of the Property Committee is to oversee the function and maintenance of the church properties and buildings.


The duties of the Property Committee include the following:

  1. Provide supervision of the Sexton and/ or other maintenance staff and provide input to the Personnel Committee for the purpose of annual performance evaluations.

Church Buildings

  1. Provide for the regular maintenance of the church plant and grounds and for maintenance, repair, and replacement of equipment.

  2. Submit for Session approval, any expenditure that involves remodeling, renovation, or a change in the designated use of an area of the church plant or grounds.

  3. Work with the Sexton, in cooperation with the Personnel Committee; supervise all maintenance done on the building; organize and execute periodic work session.

  4. Provide for the security of the church property.

  5. Setting policy for issuance and return of keys of the church property

  6. Provide adequate insurance of church property.

  7. Maintain the buildings and grounds in attractive, safe, and uable condition.

  8. Open buildings for church school and worship for Sunday and other special worship services.

Building Use

  1. Serve as a Liaison with the church and non-church groups using the church facilities and insuring that all approved uses of the facilities are placed on the church calendar.

  2. Formulate guidelines for approving usage by appropriate groups.

  3. Determine fair fees for such use and obtain contracts signed by both parties and fulfill the church’s contractual agreements.

  4. Handle short-term requests in committee and bring recommendations to the Session on long-term use requests.

  5. Search for new and creative ways to use our facilities in providing ministries to the neighborhood and community in cooperation with the Outreach Committee.

  6. Provide building use request forms in the church office.

  7. Supervise the loan of church furnishing, materials, and equipment.

Other Church Properties

  1. Facilitate the use of the property as determined by the Session.

  2. Act as the landlord for the rental property, protecting the interests of the church by using standard business practices in identifying renters, writing leases, and collecting security deposits and rents, while also protecting the rights of the tenants.

  3. Maintain property, interior and exterior, in a manner consistent with city codes and neighborhood standards.

  4. Ensure that lawns are maintained neatly.

  5. Review insurance coverage annually.

  6. Authorize the Treasurer to pay appropriate expenses by providing vouchers or written records of expenses.

  7. Rental income from the property shall be used to cover the costs of maintenance, taxes, and any applicable loans and mortgages.  Surplus funds left over at the end of the fiscal year shall be distributed in a manner determined by the Session upon recommendation of the Property Committee.

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